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      Helping you to heal without surgery and regain your quality of life!

      • Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
      • Licensed Medical Doctor (MD)
      • Comprehensive workup and consultation
      • Concise assessment & diagnosis of injury
      • Precise, image-guided delivery of therapy
      • Safest, highest-quality products available

      The BioHealing Method combines the exactness of his orthopedic expertise, modern diagnostic tools, innovative treatment technology, and advanced biologic therapies to deliver regenerative medicine to the specific tissue defect(s). This level of precision significantly improves your chance of having an optimally successful outcome!

      The BioHealing Method

      This method is painless, non-invasive, extremely safe, and incredibly effective! Our therapies have restored countless lives back to normal function and saved dozens of our patients from having to undergo surgery!

      Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

      Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy utilizes your body’s cells to repair damaged or injured areas, often eliminating the need for surgery. PRP injections are a non-invasive and long-lasting treatment for relief from chronic pain. We process a sample of your blood to isolate and extract your platelets. This concentrated solution is reintroduced to your affected areas. Growth factors get to work at the site of your pain to heal damage. The platelets also stimulate other healers in your body to help with regeneration.

      If you are experiencing chronic pain, surgery is not your only solution for pain relief. Our orthopedic doctor is often sought as a second opinion, and he will advise you on whether or not PRP is a suitable option.

      Licensed and trained professionals at our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art medical clinic are ready to help you experience fast and effective pain relief

      Regenerative Cell Therapy

      If you’ve been told that you require surgery for your chronic pain disorder, you may be looking for non-invasive options. Operating out of Florida since 1979, our family-run medical clinic is a recognized leader in regenerative cell therapy treatment. Our licensed, trained professionals are committed to providing you with all-natural cell therapy for pain relief so that you can avoid surgery and harmful medication.

      What is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

      Your body’s tissues and organs contain regenerative cells, which have the natural ability to renew and repair damaged cells. When you age, your cells aren’t released quickly enough to repair damaged tissue fully. Though these cells can readily transform into specialized tissues to repair injuries and restore function, they become less proficient with age. That’s why we use young, valuable, and effective donor cells for our patients.

      Our cell therapy treatment involves extracting, concentrating, and administering cells to treat various degenerative conditions. In order to coordinate healing, cells can communicate with your tissues and each other.

      The cells used in our regenerative medicine treatments, called mesenchymal cells, are derived from umbilical allografts. These are highly concentrated sources of cellular tissue containing growth factors and other biological materials that accelerate healing. Cell therapy is well-researched, safe, and effective. The donors we source from undergo a rigorous screening process.

      Cell Therapy Treatment for Pain

      The science of using cellular tissue to provide fast and effective relief from chronic pain is an evolving area of regenerative medicine. Regenerative cell therapy is beneficial to anyone searching for all-natural pain relief for chronic pain.

      In high concentrations, new cells help to restore lost tissue functions. When these cells are introduced into your body, they circulate in the blood system until they are attracted to proteins secreted around inflamed or damaged tissue. The cells then rush to the injured area and start producing various growth factors.

      In addition to facilitating the repair of damage, cell injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons, easing the pain and helping restore mobility. These cells also have anti-inflammatory properties, to provide you with long-lasting pain relief.

      Common conditions we treat with our cell therapy treatments include:

      • Knee pain
      • Back pain
      • Neck pain
      • Elbow pain
      • Joint pain
      • Neuropathy
      • Sciatica
      • Plantar fasciitis
      • Disc problems
      • Bone issues
      • Damaged or degraded cartilage
      • Torn ligaments
      • Shoulder pain
      • Torn or partially rotator cuff
      • Torn or partially torn labrum
      • And more

      We employ a patient-focused philosophy in our state-of-the-art medical clinic. Your condition is assessed on an individual basis so that we can provide you with the best regenerative treatment for your condition. Different conditions have different needs. When you visit us, we work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation before making any recommendations.

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